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What Does it Take to Be a Survivor and Thriver?

We live in a world where we encounter challenges in life firsthand or we experience the secondary effects of difficult events going on around us. How do we bolster our resilience in tough times? Did you know that some studies show that yoga is more effective than any medication for healing from adverse life events? Consider the work of Dr. Bessel van der Kolk.

Here are some lifestyle factors that have been shown to promote brain health through the development of new brain cells and reduce the negative impact of STRESS on the brain:

  • Making time to engage in relaxation can help you manage stress effectively
  • The benefits of healthy eating, exercise, cognitive & social engagement help us keep our head above water in tough times
  • Sleep hygiene, and reducing substance misuse can also help us take charge of our lives and enable us to be survivors and thrivers

In fact, many who experience a traumatic event are resilient and encounter post traumatic growth. Another way of looking at this is post traumatic success. Watch this powerful video:

Elements of hope and optimism also help move us from surviving to thriving!

Susan & Renee
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