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The Brain and Stress and Anxiety

Have you ever thought about what’s going on in your brain when you are stressed or anxious? This video illustrates this.

Now that we know a bit about how the brain works we can use the brain to change the mind to change the brain.

By changing our thoughts, feelings and actions we can create new neural pathways.

Neurons that fire together, wire together.

We can in fact change the structure of our brain. We want to have a sense of control over our lives. Our ways of responding after something bad happens may be protective.

Fear centers of the brain take control before conscious thought kicks in.

We may say I’m going to stay inside because if I go out I might get hurt.

There’s a kind of disassociation that takes place!

We want you to feel safe, build trust, stay calm and integrate this sense of healing and well- being. According to Sue Johnson a well know Emotion Focused Therapist, therapists like us take on the role of a surrogate attachment figure, and we always look for the threat and try to soothe it.

Being able to help people like you take small steps to lead to bigger changes is one way we can do this!

Susan & Renee
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