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Happy New Day! Happy New Year!

As we come the end of the year and embark on the new year, we often find ourselves reflecting on what’s gone well and what might allow us to move towards some new ideas and activities to take back or add to our lives.

What are some of the gifts that we have received from others and the gifts that we have given others that stand out for us?

When we speak of gifts we refer not just to material gifts, but gifts such as loving kindness, compassion, gratitude and trust.

Perhaps the best gift that we can give ourselves is self–compassion.  When things don’t always go as hoped for or planned, we sometimes need to practice self-acceptance and imagine a conversation with ourselves as though we were our own best friend and seek sage advice.

Wouldn’t it be great if we could write a list of all the things that we did in the past year that rocked and find a way to celebrate our past victories and future successes?

In fact, there is a connection between inner kindness and motivation!

When we bolster our own sense of being awesome, we can open up to receive the gifts and gestures from others.

Happy New Day, Happy New Year, Happy New You!






Susan & Renee
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